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Nikki tied first time

Nikki came over on late afternoon. First time we met. I knew she wanted to be tied. Wanting to submit to a stranger she had never met. Immediately I had her undress. Take off her high heels, her tight top and jeans hotpants. She had no bra, no panties. Had her keep her nylons on. I loved her breasts, heavy with big areolas. I then had her slowly walk up to my bedroom. From below her big round ass looked lovely. She took on a blindfold, then waited standing in the middle of the bedroom. I tied her arms and legs. Then started caressing her body, using lots of body oil. I caressed her extremely sensitive big nipples. Her inner thighs, then fingered her now dripping wet and warm pussy. Teasing also her hard clitoris. As I caressed her neck and back her body shivered and she was now moaning. Being horny as hell. Not knowing what I would do next to her.


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