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New Woman Karolina

Karolina wanted to be tied. We met one late afternoon, went to my apartment and I told her to get naked. She told me she loves sex, loves to fuck. And that she loves being used, submissive. She loves to please both men and women. Then she told me her latest fantasy was to be tied and used by a stranger. I had her experience some tying and being cuffed and blindfolded. She became extremely horny, her nipples rock hard and sensitive, her pussy wet and warm and her clitoris and gspot pulsating. I had her experience being restrained, having a vibrating dildo egg inside her pussy at the same time I stimulated her ass and clitoris with a vibrating dildo. Again and again she shivered from several extreme orgasm. After, she told me, she had never been so horny, never experienced so intense mind blowing orgasm.

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Video Karolia gets tied fully spread - intense pussy clitoris stimulis - part 1

I had Karolina lay on her back in my bed. Cuffs on arms and legs. Leather necklace. Her body was warm and oily already. She was already horny. I told her to play with the vibrating egg and remote control. She made the egg pulsate nicely strong. Started teasing her nipples and pussy. Her sensitive clitoris. The pushed the egg inside her pussy so it pulsated on her gspot. She took on the blindfold, laid back and waited. I tied her fully spread. Then had slippery oil all over her body. Then used the remote and made the egg pulsate faster stronger. Then used a vibrating dildo, teasing her now pulsating sensitive clitoris. She started moaning, pushing her pussy against the dildo. Wanting it to vibrate hard on her clitoris. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Karolia gets tied fully spread - mind blowing pussy and gspot orgasms - part 2

Tied naked fully stretched... Sweaty oily and horny. A vibrating dildo egg inside her pussy, vibrating, pulsating on her gspot. The egg remotely controlled by me. And! a vibrating pulsating dildo in her now extremely sensitive clitoris made her fight the ropes, her body shivering. Wanting more and more. Orgasms came through her body one after the other. After, she told me she had never experience being so fucking horny and never experience orgasms that intense and mind blowing. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Gallery Karolina cuffed blindfolded

I loved having Karolina naked at my place. Our first meeting ever. She was totally relaxed being with a stranger, obeying, undressing, and more. I cuffed her, arms behind her back, legs cuffed too. And for a good while also had her blindfolded. Telling her to slowly turn around showing her body. Then had the blindfold on. She told me she could feel her pussy getting warm and wet. Members please enjoy my 24 selected very private pics.