This Weeks Long Video


This Weeks Long Video


Video Lucky in pantyhose tied - manhandled to orgasm

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Lucky had come to my place. It was late one afternoon. Willingly she had undressed in front of me, keeping her high heels and pantyhose on. She told me she could feel her pussy being wet, that she was horny. I had her sit down and spread her legs. She immediately obeyed. I tied her arms above her head, tied both legs to the chair, legs spread. Touching her pussy through the fabric of her pantyhose I could see, and feel - her pussy being dripping wet. I then had her pantyhose come down, started touching her inner thighs, then her pussy. Her pussy was slippery, warm and wet. She closed her eyes and moaned, told me she loved being touched. Loved being tied, not being able to move.Told me she needs to orgasm several times a day, that she masturbates several times a day. Told me she hadn't fucked in months. Told me she fantasized about being tied, having men, many men fuck her, one after the other, using her, filling her with cum, a slow fucking that just went on and on, for ever. The men having her suck them hard again and again. Then after the fucking she has to suck each of them and swallow their cum. This still being naked and tied, with spread legs in front of them. Having her pussy overflowing with cum. Then, when she has swallowed the last cum, then she is allowed, in front of the men, to masturbate to orgasm using a big dildo... As she was talking she started moaning and soon she orgasmed intensely. She smiled and said she needed it, loved it, wanted to orgasm again. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

pls note - this is a real! orgasm - no fake


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