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This is from our first session. Dominica is at my place one afternoon. She told me to use her, that she wanted to be submissive and obey. I had her dress in exclusive black pantyhose. A super tight shaping exclusive tube dress, and high heels. No bra, no panties. I blindfolded her, had her cuffed arms and legs. Had her standing and waiting. Standing behind her I slowly started caressing her body. Slowly caressed her neck and back. And then all over her body, her nipples through the fabric. Her body shivered. I then exposed her breasts and her ass. The nylons looked lovely. I had the dress off, used oil on her body, all over, her tits, on her nylons, inside the nylons on her ass and pussy. Then had the nylons come down and fingered her ass pushing a finger deep inside, at the same time fingering her clitoris and finger fucking her pussy. Her body was shivering, I held her hard, pushed her body against mine. Fingered her clitoris and manhandling her breasts hard. She was now horny as hell. Breathing heavily, moaning. She needed more!


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