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Bondage BD(SM) - women restrained first time - tied and cuffed

I show you women that have their sexual fantasies fulfilled. Shy girls that get naked. They want to show their lovely breasts, hard nipples, firm asses, lovely wet pussies, amazing legs and feet. They want to show how horny they are. They need to orgasm. They want to be tied, gagged, blindfolded, manhandled to orgasm and fucked! Experience Bondage & BDSM and submission. Tied in different positions, bent over... spread and more. They want to be restrained, be submissive, they want to be touched all over their bodies, having their nipples touched and pinched, having their breasts caressed with oil, having their pussy touched and licked and their clitoris teased and sucked, and they want to have to suck dick and to be fucked, still being restrained, tied or cuffed. They love to dress to please. Being tied is an intense experience. They have orgasms that make them scream. And with a vibrating dildo on her clitoris even more. Or being tied in an old factory. And you get fully nude bondage, fully spread legs.

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I have just re-mastered the layout and will progressively improve your experience. Please feel free to send me your feedback. / Claude

Nikky loved being tied and submitting - short preview video

I had Nikky at my place a couple of afternoons. She totally submitted, obeyed my requests willing. It was a treat tying this cute kitten. Her totally submitting to a stranger she had just met.

Update 01/14 Video Tina hogtied

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I tied Tina in my bedroom. Hogtied her. Her arms tied behind her back and connected to her legs. She could hardly move at all. She looked lovely, An nice dress, no bra, pantyhose, no panties. I exposed her tits had oil on her body. Had the dress come up and started manhandling her. She moaned as I touched and pinched her nipples, as I touched her warm wet pussy through the fabric. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Members: Video 5 min 15 sec - Video 960x540 / Video 960x650 zip file

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you have on screen tying, tied and cuffed women being used and having real orgasm's

Join Single Site Sexysettings / Join Combo Offer (one membership two sites) women tied first time / women in nylons and nude

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Dear Claude, Watching your photos and videos you feel like seeing your wife or girlfriend getting tied-up in our bedroom. I had no knowledge about bondage, but the way the women are tied-up spread-eagle on the bed is perfect for me. I love how you tied the girls wrists directly to the bed posts and her feet using longer pieces of rope. Restrained in a perfect but simple way, looking cute and sexy. There are so many details! I like the way their hands turn slightly blue from the rope, the way they makes eye-contact to the viewer (that is more sexy and submissive than whole hardcore sites offering submission can provide). Obviously some o them are quite shy. Also, Thank you for your fast email reply to my thoughts and feedback. It is good to see you are still running your site and answering your mail from your fans. It is one of the many things that make your sites special.

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Centerfold tied!

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Mature tied!

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Barbie loved being tied all naked by a stranger

Cute 18yo tied!

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PornInspector review... is an excellent site, and I recommend it to anyone who appreciates the sight of a fine lookin' lady wild eyed and hogtied. rated 4/5 at women tied naked and in nylons

The site does have a very personal feel to it and i think we do have the same taste in women! They are all very sophisticated and classy. Your site has a unique quality to it.You definitely have the most beautiful women on your site and the photos are awesome. I love the smiles, the pretty eyes. I absolutely love hogtied, just the look in their eyes is wonderful and the ladies you have are more adorable and lovely than Paris Hilton will ever be.

Claude, I joined a day or so ago ... Very impressed. The pictures don't have that 'weirdo' stigma stapled to them. Keep going. I Like the policy of no sixteen hour bindfests of intricate cobwebs and nets, painful looking torture set ups. The submissive smiles and obvious delight on the faces of some of your girls is nice. Simple ties are the way, no doubt. Good weblinks by the way, you know your stuff. I'll be updating my sub when the time comes.

Hello Claude, I want to thank you for your Sexysettings; it really is the best site I have seen of its kind, and I am not just saying that. The girls are all so beautiful and the viewer can see that they are definitely comfortable with you. I truly admire your taste.

Claude, wonderful site you have! The ladies are simply wonderful , never seen so many girl next door, looks just lovely, all the best to you and them (love their smiles) have a great holiday

Claude - For what it's worth, I cruise bondage websites a lot (there are many of them!) and yours is the ONLY one that I've found to be so excellent that I've recently paid to have a membership in. Why? - 1. Pretty models. 2. "Simple" bondage (no black leather shackles or enough rope to rig a schooner). 3. A sexy, playful attitude. - The fact that we share some shared tastes (spread eagle ties on a bed and baby oil) Thanks for having such an excellent site!

Claude, I love your women.I think my favorite right now is Linda, I'm not sure exactly why, but she really looks great. Tied, untied it doesn't matter, just shoot more of her. She seems to have a lot of self confidence and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Plus she seems to enjoy being there. Maybe not the most beautiful, in a super model kind of way, but in a real person natural sort of way. Number two would be Emma.

Hello, I came across your site... have to say that it was nice to see a site like yours. Every day it seems I come across sites that are just plain bad! Very refreshing to find yours :-) All The Best.

There is only one word to describe your site and that is " WOW ". Your models may be amateurs, but they knock spots off the professionals in this genre. Your photographic technique is superb, the photosets are "stories without words" not just a seemingly random selection of disparate shots.More power to your camera and keep up the good work.

hi Claude, your videos are really superb. i never seen such erotic bondage as here. it really turns on... if it is possible some time i really loved to see in zoom tying of the hands of a girl while lying on the back or stomach and grabbing the poles of your beautiful erotic black steel bed... the one video of Bambi in this bed on stomach is really hot, hot, hot!! thanks for your great work!

Dear Claude, Just a few lines to tell you that I like your work very much. Great quality of women You get a "10" in this department. The quality/resolution of your pictures is phenomenal...please keep up the good work!

Hi Claude... This is knot knocking your fine work as it is WONDERFUL. Keep up your GREAT work.

Greetings Claude, Congratulations on a great site, the subject matter is great and is well photographed. I tend to prefer semi-clothed rather than totally naked so these are the sets I enjoy most. I also have an interest in uniforms, especially Nurses, so this would be my request for a shoot. A Nurse in uniform (proper uniform not these unrealistic costumes available in sex shops) slowly tied and exposed spread-eagle fashion on a bed or couch. Keep up the good work!

My girlfirend found your site as interesting to her and wanted to be tied and used. She responded very well to being tied up and likes it, so your site has definite appeal, especially given its lack of torture which I think is a big turn off for most women, although being tied up and submissive is obviously a turn-on, for both men and women. - A fan Couple

HI CLAUDE, Wow... very impressed with the quality of women on your site! I am a new member and wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work! I 'm personally not into bondage, but your pics are very tastefully done. Thanx for a great site.

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